Precious moments are meant to be cherished and treasured. These moments can no longer be repeated and turn back, right? All we need is the right timing and the right people involved. We can leave everything behind but not those moments in our memories.

Unforgettable moments are time well spent with your family and friends. It is worth remembering and keeping. We should all do our share in keeping good memories by taking pictures or videos so that we have something to look back in time and to show our friends and future children.

It is important to capture and treasure each moment especially with your children because they are not forever kids. We should cherish every stage of their childhood and their growth. The baby teeth will fall off.  The bald head now grows hair, or the other way around. Kids grow big and they grow old. Capture the moments when they are shorter than you are. The moments with them during their childhood are a lot different from growing up years.

It is not always every day that we make good memories. It is also not all the time that you get to spend moments with your loved ones. So it is important that we treasure each moment possible because it may never happen again. The people involved may no longer be there to share it with you.

I treasure moments with my family with all my heart. I make sure that each one has his share of fun and that everybody gets entertainment.

When we look back at those moments, we take a sigh because we would love to be in that situation again. That precious moment will never be bought with money nor can be repeated because time has its own course. To treasure every moment means involvement among the members of household. We make sure that each one is captured in picture and has his or her story to tell.

We would all be proud to show these captured moments to our future family or friends and we would laugh and cry while doing this. A picture is worth a thousand words so it is best if we take lots of pictures too.

When individuals grow old and mature, we part ways because we have our respective lives to live. We find a job, we migrate, or we get married. It would be hard to find a way to reunite once again because we have to consider our jobs and the distance. It would also be expensive for each one of us to travel altogether. Another factor to consider is that we grow older and we get tired of moving about. One obstacle worth mentioning is having children because we cannot leave them behind for some reasons. It is inconvenient to travel with all those baggage and baby stuff.

You only live once. So spend it right with the ones you love. Live the day as if it was your last. Dance with them like no one is watching. These are some of the happy advice I see on the social media and internet. It works.

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