If there is one thing in this world that is priceless, it should be our mother. No one can argue with that. Not even the puppies in your backyard. Not even a father can replace her.

I feel the gift of having a mother not because I have her, but because I don’t. She left early. Unfortunately for us, my mother left when I was ten and our youngest was only five. Home was empty, emotions were cold, and everything followed suit. We siblings were missing the most important link in our lives.

There are a lot of things that only a mother could help or solve. When I had my first menstrual cycle, I was experimenting and taking care of the situation alone. It was embarrassing to talk to dad and my brothers. Everything went chaos I could die. They could not even look at me because they were horrified to know the details. Everything should have been easier if mom was there to comfort me. I remember my mom advising my big sister regarding hygiene and health measures during the monthly visit. It sounded Greek to me but I know all were of importance.

When we were growing up and studying at a school exclusive for girls, it was so hard to keep up with others. When every girl in the campus had their hair done and nails polished, mine and my sister’s were just terrible. I can see their moms doing their manes in the corridor before and after class, and the girls looked sleek and neat, while we were in distress.

Those were only some of the moments that I find difficult without the assistance of a mother. Now that I am one, I know how to fill in the gaps.

As a mother, we see our children as the most beautiful creatures on earth. As the saying goes, our child has the face only a mother could love dearest. That’s true. For me, they have a perfect face and they smell the sweetest.

Did I hear it right when someone said a mother is a picture of poverty? Yes. When mothers do groceries, kids’ stuff has got to be top priority. And during meals, moms give the best cut of poultry or the biggest share of pizza to kids. I know, right. I’m happy to serve!

I admire how mothers like me are patient in dealing with children. It’s a never-ending task to do, but we painstakingly do that on a daily basis. A good mother is a disciplinarian who scolds her children discreetly but defends them in public.

Mothers are jack of all trades. She is almost always around, all the time. Next to God, we call her for help. In fact, we don’t say Dad and mom in that order, its the other way around.

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