Spending quality time with your family is very important and meaningful for each member. It is through bonding that we come to know each other’s personalities and problems. We discover new things during our time with them and this is also the time when you speak about your problems and plans in life. Bonding time with them shouldn’t have to be a long one. You need not spend a hefty amount just to huddle them together.

No matter how hectic each one’s schedule is, there should be time allocated for our family. Doing it is very challenging, but with each one’s cooperation, juggling through all your activities and family time will be easier done.

These are simple tips on how to spend quality time with our family:

  1. Declare Sunday as Sabbath Day. This time should be a fixed schedule. Our church is the place where we get to sit next to each other and listen to the Words of God. It is the time when we have their full attention sans their smartphones and other gadgets. We all listen to life lessons and this helps mould our spiritual being. The saying “A family that prays together, stays together” is always right.
  2. After church, we can always plan for a heavy meal. This is a treat for attending Mass. If finances are short, we can plan a good meal at home. We can take turns in cooking and in washing the dishes while other help in cleaning the table and throw garbage. We normally tell our stories during meal times.
  3. If your kids have group studies, why not invite their classmates to do that at home so that you could check who their group members are, and there is assurance that work is accomplished. This is an encouragement for the kids to do their assignments. We can also give them ideas on now to enhance their projects. Serve them popcorn or chips and sodas or sandwiches to fill up their stomach. Sometimes, we discover and find out if our kids’ classmates have personal problems, and we would be able to help and save them from
  4. Watch a movie at home and sit next to each other. Look for an old movie you love, and exchange thoughts while watching it. This would give your family a chance to speak out their opinions and view. It is fun to listen to their intellectual views.
  5. Invest for a family vacation once a year. Spend your summer vacation in a place unfamiliar to you so that each one gets excited in travelling. Or simply go to your hometown and introduce your family to relatives and childhood friends. Serve them food you used to eat when you were little. Bring them to the beach. The beach is a place where everybody loves. Teach them how to swim or catch fish. Show them how to fly a kite and do the rollerblades. I suggest that this should be a yearly activity. It is the time when memories are abundant. This is also an experience our kids want to share with their friends and classmates when they get home from vacation.

These are only some of the tips on how to spend your quality time with family but you can always be creative and resourceful on how to plan your own. What’s important is, you show your family how they are loved and cared by you. Family time is always the best time.

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