“Communication is a beautiful thing”. I don’t know who coined this phrase, but it is true.  An important key to communicating is listening. My father listened to every bit of “fluff” that tumbled from my brain, out of my mouth.  If he wasn’t listening, I never knew it.   I love talking to my father to this very day. In this hectic time we live in there are all kinds of things to distract us and claim our attention.  Our children need to be on the top of the list of distractions. We need to give them the “gift” of our attention. You will be surprised what seeds of love you sow by putting your smart phone down and actually looking into your child’s and/or children’s eyes (for just a few minutes each day) and actually listen to what he or she is saying, and make comments to let them know that what they said registered with you.  You may

find, to your utter amazement, that those times will be what your children treasured most, and surprised at the beautiful relationship that grows.

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