Keri:  Coffee is the seventh and final book in the Keri Series.  Based on seven actual conversations the author had with her daughter when she was four-years-old.  The Keri Series humorously addresses the mystery of all mysteries: the mother-daughter relationship.
Pamela McGee

– About the Author – 

Pamela M. McGee, a registered nurse, resides in Ellijay, Georgia with her husband.  It is the author’s desire, regardless of the subject matter, to celebrate this extraordinary life in its ordinary form. Her previous books include: When You Dare to Love, Pamela Marie McGee: An Ovation, The Boy Who Holds the Key, and the Keri Series, including: Keri: The Series About the Sun, Keri: Dandelions, Keri: The Wedding, Keri: Flies, Keri: Perfume, Keri: Writing Numbers, and Keri: Coffee.  

– Latest Blogs –

The Gift of Having a Mother

If there is one thing in this world that is priceless, it should be our mother. No one can argue with that. Not even the puppies in your backyard. Not even a father can replace her. I feel the gift of having a mother not because I have her, but because I don’t. She...

Appreciation About Being Grateful to Little Things

Have you ever tried waking up late and yet you still managed to reach your work or school on time? What about unexpectedly finding a small amount of money from your jeans? Little things like these in our lives may complete our day or lighten up our mood. When we...

Treasuring the Precious Moments with Your Children

Precious moments are meant to be cherished and treasured. These moments can no longer be repeated and turn back, right? All we need is the right timing and the right people involved. We can leave everything behind but not those moments in our memories. Unforgettable...

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